2012-06-27 04:49 pm
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On trying Dreamwidth

I'm curious on what Dreamwidth is all about. I even saw some LJ user making announcement about their migration to Dreamwidth. But my first hour in Dreamwidth was nothing but default html page where css failed to load and error landing page.

So, people, what is the big deal about here. Is it about finding the niche. Or just for the sake of being weird. Curiosity perhaps? But I'm not opposed to this. I'm all open and loving. I welcome good things. Dreamwidth is definitely one of it. It gave a mirror to current blog and LJ. An alternative. A new universe for writers and readers. But, hopefully with more efficiently system server in the future. Imagine a writer like me who love to type directly into the "post an entry" page without saving it elsewhere. Its a frustration shall there be any glitch when I clicked post. All my writings will be gone. Rage come to surface. I'll be back here only on next month. Or maybe even longer.